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The JBRF Genetic Study: The Search and the Strategy

In August of 2003, JBRF funded a major genetic study to search for the genes that cause early-onset bipolar disorder. The genetic basis of this psychiatric disorder will yield critical information needed to understand its impact on the brain's biology. This information will lead to new methods of treatment that can restore brain function in a way not currently possible.

The study design chosen by the JBRF researchers is called an "affected sib pair" strategy. This is a daunting study to do because it requires the identification of approximately 600 sibling pairs. Typically, this ascertainment would take a minimum of six years. In the ten months since the study was announced, JBRF has located more than 400 sib pairs, and is currently conducting interviews and laying down DNA. To read an FAQ about this very important study, please click here.

The JBRF Grand Rounds/Expert Diagnostic Workshop Program

Bipolar disorder was once thought to be rare in children. Now researchers are discovering that not only can bipolar disorder begin very early in life, but also that it is much more common than ever imagined. Yet there is presently no diagnostic criteria that pinpoints how the illness actually manifests in youngsters. There is no consensus as to core symptoms and behaviors.

The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation has assembled an internationally-recognized group of over 80 researchers and clinicians to participate in an online colloquium to foster a consensus as to which symptoms and behaviors should define the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children. To read about this exciting new program click here.


JBRF Funds Major Genetic Study.

JBRF Genetic Study FAQs

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